Raleigh, NC
I've been involved in Baseball since I can remember and my passion for the game has led me to this venture, a venue to have an open conversation about baseball as it relates to the Buccos.  I have been a Pirates fan my entire life and can easily recall the days when being a Pirate fan was not the ironically cool thing to do.  I've stuck with them and will continue to do so until they bring a championship back to the Burgh.  I'm a student of Saber metrics as well as an overall stat geek and hope to bring an angle to the blog that allows the reader to experience a deeper understanding of the game.

Beaver Falls, PA
I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Higher Education program at Geneva College where I am a graduate assistant for the baseball team. Geneva is also where I did my undergrad and played my college ball. Along with playing baseball I have always been a fan of the sport. Ranging from the little league world series to the fall classic, if it is baseball you can count on it consuming my television. I was raised about 35 minutes outside of Pittsburgh and have grown to love Bucco baseball. I have endured the hardship of 19 straight losing seasons yet there is optimism in the future and I am looking forward to following them while writing for Captain Jolly Roger. The future is looking brighter for Pirates baseball and I will be there when I need wear my sunglasses even if I have to undergo a few more cloudy days. LET’S GO BUCS!!

I’ve been going to Bucs games since the Three Rivers days, but have been hooked since opening day of PNC Park in 2001. I try to derive baseball opinions from evidence, analytics, and rational arguments rather than emotions and gut feelings, and have fun in process. I want to visit all 30 MLB parks but PNC Park is the best place on earth. Let me know if you are heading out to a game. 


Pittsburgh, PA
  I started playing baseball when I was 9 in an instructional league in a small city in Vermont. My two friends and I were on the same team and were unusually large for our age. I vividly remember during a game hitting the ball into an adjacent field and rounding third before the outfielder even got to the ball. The coaches told us we were too good for instructional baseball and moved us into the minor leagues. Suddenly we were the smallest kids. I maybe had one hit the rest of the season and I never played organized baseball again. So I am the perfect fit for a Pirates blog.