12 July 2012

Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

With the Pirates set to get the second half of the 2012 season under way on Friday, one must wonder what it will have in store.  You best not worry my friend as I plan to take away that anxiety with my "bold, sure to go wrong in every way predictions".  Here are 5 things you can expect to see as the Pirates make their run towards the NL pennant.

1.  Rudy Owens, Justin Wilson, or Jeff Locke will be wearing black and gold by August 13th.  If the Pirates continue to win despite the poor pitching performances from Erik Bedard you can bet the Pirates will look to sure up the back end of the rotation with one of these arms.  Hamels and Greinke are out of the question in my opinion and with the next tier of pitchers said to be available being less than attractive, I see the Pirates finding help from within.  Out of these three, Jeff Locke makes the most sense.  Locke has shown decent command this year where in years past he has struggled.  

2.  Josh Willingham will be a Pittsburgh Pirate, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Look, I realize that this seems like a long shot but it makes so much sense for the Pirates that I can see a scenario where the Twins get an offer too good to refuse.  With the Twins seemingly already out of it and a brutal first couple weeks to start the second half, they will realize they are more than a couple players away from contending and finally break down and trade Willingham.  Granted, Willingham should have been a Pirate long before now and we wouldn't have to be talking about this.  It sounds like Quentin and Upton are drawing a good number of potential buyers, most of which have packages that better suit what their respective teams are looking for in return. This is leaving the Pirates on the outside looking in, but I think it's for the better.  

3.  By season end the Pirates will lead the NL in home runs.  If number 2 comes true I don't see any reason the Pirates can't achieve this feat.  With some kind of power at seemingly every position in the line up it is easy to see why their home run totals have skyrocketed as the bats have come alive.  The Pirates will most likely not continue to hit with as much consistency as they have in the last month and a half, but with balls leaving the ballpark at a blistering pace the offense will have just enough steam to keep the wins coming.

4.  Andrew McCutchen and James McDonald will finish in the top 3 for MVP and the Cy Young Awards respectively.  Everyone knows that McCutchen is having a monster season. I do not think I need to go into all the reasons why Cutch will seriously be considered for MVP.  More intriguing to me is the season McDonald is having.  In case you missed it, the trio of Giants that knocked up American League pitching in the All-Star game were a combined 0-9 against McDonald 4 nights prior.  Oh and the only NL pitcher with a better ERA at the break was his mound opponent that took the loss that night.  It will be a summer to remember as Votto and McCutchen battle it out for MVP and McDonald and Cueto pitch their teams toward the playoffs.  

5.  The Pirates will find themselves with a chance to make the playoffs heading into the last weekend of the season with none other than the Atlanta Braves standing in their way. This could be a chance to reverse 20 years of losing in the most vindicating way imaginable.

As a Pirates fan, the above scenario seemed like the absolute best case scenario at the beginning of the season but with winning comes high expectations and so the city is in playoffs or bust mode.   I, for one, am still just trying to at least stop the fortnight of bleeding and a win in Milwaukee on Friday the 13th would mean a lot more than an ordinary notch in the win column.

Beat em Bucs!

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Nolan Hoobler said...

I'm completely on board with the Willingham trade. Although I do think there can be some decent improvements to the rotation outside of Hamels and Greinke. I think Garza would be a nice improvement with out selling the farm (pun intended) and you have an extra year of control. Nice segue until Cole Taillon come up.