17 July 2012

Created for Greatness

Andrew McCutchen is doing for baseball right now what Mark McGuire did for baseball in 1998. That year I was 11 years old, growing up in a small town, playing instructional league baseball. I didn't have cable and was therefore limited to watching a handful of games a year. This didn't stop me from watching the morning news everyday to see if McGwire had sent another ball into orbit or driven in another dozen runs. Certainly, looking back, some of this greatness is a bit soured but the awe that it inspired in that 11 year old as well as the rest of the nation, is what this game is all about. God-like men that make the rest of us look like ants, both in our stature and our accomplishments.

This is what McCutchen is doing every night in the black and yellow. He has the general population sitting on the edge of our seats, putting down whatever we're working on to watch his at bats. He has us vicariously living our childhood dreams of monster drives and moonshots through his base hits and box scores.

Similar to that 11 year old in 1998, there are kids in the country who, albeit probably have a way to watch more than 5 games a year, are watching every night, falling deeper in love with a game that makes them feel like they can conquer the world. They're falling in love not only because of the feats of a centerfielder, but because they are in awe of the talents that have been bestowed on Fort Meade's finest.

I truly believe that part of the reason we become so enthralled with hero figures is because they not only reflect the power and majesty of the One who created them, but because they give us a glimpse into a little piece of what we were created to be.

We were created for greatness, and the likes of Andrew McCutchen remind of us of that nightly.

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