05 July 2012

Bucs Heating Up

Here’s a quick look at how the rest of the schedule looks like on a heat map. The dark blue are easier matchups, the red (we don’t have anymore) are the harder matchups with green being neutral. Home vs. road isn’t factored, only the teams record as of the afternoon of July 4th.  I should note that we have nine games against the Reds who are right on the top edge of the yellow and of course the records will be out of date in a couple days. The Mets might tank by the time we face them or the Brewers might look a different team in September. But I think this gives a good feel of how the schedule looks like at a glance.  The hardest games are the next three vs. the Giants (after tonight’s) and then it gets and stays blue for a while. This is the time to make some hay in the standings.  August looks like a medium temperature month with some blue mixed in, and gets warmer for the last ten games of the season.  The average winning percentage for the rest of the schedule is .464.  Lets make some Hay.

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