26 July 2012

Believe in the Z

Zoltan, Zoltanning, The Zoltan Lumber Company. Zoltan is a word that has taken over Pittsburgh. There are quite a few different symbols that teams have started to us over the last few seasons to celebrate a big hit, incredible speed or a victory. The Rangers and Brewers have used different gestures towards their own benches in past years to commemorate accomplishments. Animal gestures worked for the Rangers with the claw and antlers while the Brewers went with “beast mode.”  Why do I bring these crazy, unexplainable hand signals up? One of the things that both the Brewers and Rangers have in common is that they both were still taking the field with their gestures during the postseason.   
                Zoltan, a signal taken from the movie “Dude Where’s My Car?,” has taken over PNC Park, Pittsburgh, the NL Central and continues to grow stronger win by win. The front office has also shown that they believe in the Z. The trade to acquire Wandy Rodriguez from the Astros for a strong lefty on defense and the calling up of Starling Marte for some fireworks on both sides of the ball (which was shown on the first pitch Thursday) are two examples of the management believing in the team and pushing for a playoff berth.  Teams with gestures that have caught on have had some sort of extra chemistry that other teams don’t have. Zoltan has brought a new energy to the Pirates. Ever since the walk off on May 8th where the Z made its first appearance when the Pirates were 13-16. The Buccos have since turned it around by improving their record to 13 games over .500 and first in the wild card. Do you believe in the Z, because I sure do!

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